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Design your soccer / football scarf now!

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Design is knit in, not printed or embroidered.

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Football clipart scarf

Football clipart scarf, your text knitted in, scarf is made to order in color combination of your choice.
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      Wildemasche - Online shop for custom scarves

      Get your custom sports scarf from Wildemasche. Offering high-quality, double knit scarves for sports teams, high schools, youth clubs, corporations, colleges, band merchandise or tours. Personalized merchandise accessories and fan products for sports, promotions and entertainment. Single custom scarves made to order. Design your scarf online or email your file.

      Design and order custom knitted football scarves.

      • Create custom single pieces
      • Over 100 color combinations per product
      • Production within a few days, worldwide delivery
      • Design is knit in, not printed or embroidered
      • The perfect present of gift for fans, supporters or team members

      Scarves can have one layout on both sides, or a different layouts on each side of the scarf. Any logo can be incorporated into the design. Custom knit fashion on demand - Made to order knit scarves and blankets. Scarves for your football, soccer or rugby team, bar scarves for any occasion.

      Custom soccer scarves, football scarves, made to order.

      Wildemasche produces football & sports jacquard scarves. We are specialized in custom sports scarves. Our scarves are high-quality, double-sided scarves for professional sports teams, high schools, colleges, booster clubs, bands, corporations, tournaments, camps, youth clubs, supporter groups and tours. It's a great fundraiser as well.

      Create a custom scarf design for your team or organization.
      You can design your scarf online, using our templates and add custom text. Please send custom logos by email. Up to 5 colors can be used per scarf. If you don't have an artwork, put your artwork in the shopping cart, this can be used as a base. We will work out the rest of the design for you. Contact us for any questions.

      We will create an exact production design and email it to you for your final review and approval prior to production. Please note the production design will not display the fringe and the coloring of your scarf will be the yarn colors that you select.

      Single pieces are usually produced within a few days.

      The custom scarf is the number one promotional merchandising item in Europe and worldwide. Use it to warm your neck on a cold winters day match, or hold it up in the air to support your team. Football, soccer, rugby, ice hockey: not matter which sport or team you support, the soccer scarf is the fan item to wear.

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