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Soccer scarf product details

Custom scarves
  • knitted quality soccer scarf, directly from the scarf manufacturer. The scarf is Made in Germany.
  • Size approx. 145 x 17 cm, measured without fringes / tassles, size approx. 160x17cm measured with fringes / tassles
  • up to 5 colors per scarf
  • Material: 100% soft acrylic yarn
  • including multi colored fringes / tassles
  • double knitted, no extra cost for different design on front / backside
  • detailed design: create your soccer scarf with text, or any other logo, image, photo etc
Design your personal soccer scarf with your design online. The scarf is custom knitted with your design, not printed, embroidered or woven.

No minimums, we manufacture custom single pieces! Worldwide delivery.

Please see shipping options and prices on the shipping details page at

Send us your soccer scarf design:

1. Online design
Choose a template, add text, pick colors Farben and add to shopping cart. Order your custom soccer scarf online.
No extra cost for pattern making or setup, if your design is done online completely.

2. Online design with additional custom logo, photo, artwork
Design your scarf online, and send us the link to your design (bottom left on the main page)
Attach to your email your additional logo, photo, whatever should be in the scarf. Please send this as JPG or PNG image to:

3. Design your scarf offline:
Design your scarf with your favourite graphics or layout software: Photoshop, Gimp, Photopaint, Illustrator etc.
One side of the scarf should have 772x84 pixel, PNG palette image maximum 5 colors.
Your advantage: if the file comes EXACTLY as described, no setup or pattern cost.

Alternatively, design your soccer scarf with the online designer at


Do you have any questions:

Send an email to